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Our allied health professionals ensure children across Australia are empowered to thrive in their everyday environments. All paediatric participants receive cost-effective, tailored plans, collaborative input and family-centred support focusing on the key worker model.

Who We Support

We support children aged 0 through 12 years who have NDIS plans or are privately funded.

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Our Coordinated Care Approach

Our preferred service delivery model. Research shows that children with support needs often benefit from a coordinated care approach to improve the therapy experience for them and their families and carers. This is through ease of communication with the Lead Clinician and a transdisciplinary approach.

Our team of clinicians work together to form a holistic, evidence-based collaborative plan that meets each child’s needs – as well as the preferences of families/carers. Here’s how it works:

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  • Intake Assessment

  • Treatment Plan and Intervention

  • Tailored, Ongoing Assessments and Reports

The Lead Clinician of the therapy team will complete an initial coordinated care visit with your child and family/carer, which will be shared with the multidisciplinary team. The Lead Clinician will walk you through the Schedule of Supports and Service Menu to identify your assessment, intervention and reporting preferences.


  • Whole child approach
  • Reduced need for you to repeat your child’s history and essential information
  • Richer clinical investigation
  • Family centered approach
  • Clear identification of current priorities for your child
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Through careful collaboration with you and your child, the team will propose an intervention approach to achieve your child’s goals.


  • One tailored plan for your child that includes integrated resources, goals and instruction
  • A copy of the agreed intervention plan, which you can share with key people in your child’s life and use to chart progress
  • Simple, easy-to-understand ‘next steps’ for your family
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Where appropriate, a dynamic assessment approach is used, allowing for a fluid evaluation process and time to build rapport with the child. Care Squared Kids will work with you to determine the best timing for the team report, so that information is accurate and up-to-date when you need it.


  • One team report that assists understanding of the overall development and the areas requiring support.
  • No juggling of recommendations from various professionals.
  • Options for reporting, based on what you need at the time.
  • Specialised reports for funding reviews and diagnostic investigation.
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