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    [post_content] => Seeing a Physiotherapist enables us to stay agile, active and pain free. How can we turn everyday physiotherapy exercises into something exciting that even the kids want to get involved in?

Often working as part of a multidisciplinary team, Physiotherapists help clients maximise quality of life in the areas of health promotion, prevention, assessment, treatment, intervention and rehabilitation.

During trying times it can be difficult to schedule appointments, and even harder to remain enthused at the thought of managing health and wellbeing needs. While this feeling is normal, it’s important that patients maintain and perform their prescribed exercises. Here are some fun, creative and entertaining ways to bring your physiotherapy sessions to life at home.
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 	<li><strong>Adding music. </strong>Music helps us get up, get moving and get active. It can help with movement, rhythm and relaxation when it comes to concentrating on certain tasks. <a href="https://healthtimes.com.au/hub/physiotherapy/8/practice/hw/music-therapy-and-physiotherapy-a-powerful-pair/3535/">Senior Physiotherapist and Director of MD Health</a>, Michael Dermansky, identifies that playing background during sessions can create a more positive and lively environment when performing exercises.</li>
 	<li><strong>Turn exercises into a game</strong>. Looking to incorporate exercises and stretches? A game of twister or creating an obstacle course can help you meet these objectives while having fun. Obstacle courses improve gross motor skills (such as balance, strength and coordination)  whilebeing an active and engaging task.</li>
 	<li><strong>Use props or toys</strong>. Integrating props, toys or accessories you have at home can be an easy way to make physiotherapy exercises more exciting/challenging. For example, throwing and catching a ball whilst standing on one leg can help improve balance.</li>
 	<li><strong>Take it outside</strong>. Outdoor exercise can provide some of the best, natural health benefits to our body and mind, including reducing stress and ill mental health and improving mood and self-esteem.</li>
It’s important we take care of ourselves and commit to our health and wellbeing. By changing the ways we perform physiotherapy exercises, we remain engaged and allow ourselves to incorporate them into our daily lives.

Want to learn more about how a Physiotherapist can support you or a loved one? Our highly-experienced team are here to help - discover more below:
 	<li><a href="https://thebetterhealthgeneration.com.au/our-brands/care-squared/">Care Squared</a> - Physiotherapists supporting NDIS participants aged 13 - 65 years.</li>
 	<li><a href="https://caresquaredkids.com.au/">Care Squared Kids</a> - Physiotherapists supporting NDIS participants aged 0 - 12 years.</li>
 	<li><a href="https://acceleratehealth.com.au/">Accelerate Health</a> - Physiotherapists supporting clients in the convenience of a general practice environment.</li>
 	<li><a href="http://www.generationcare.com.au">Generation Care</a> - Physiotherapists supporting older Australians.</li>
    [post_title] => Modifying physiotherapy exercises to make them more entertaining and kid friendly
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